FIDM: DEBUT Runway Show

Time to grab a blanket and your favorite popcorn bucket. This year DEBUT, a runway
fashion show held a screening at its very own Grand Hope Park located on FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise) campus. The runway show was in a loft in Los Angeles, known as COOPER DESIGN SPACE, where select advanced graduates brought their best work to light.
Congratulations grads, you have made it to the next journey in your lives where practice
makes perfect. The runway project is viewable on FIDM’s YouTube channel.

Photo by Priscilla @thealamophotography @prettypleasepriscilla

Fashion isn’t only seen in magazines and ads. Fashion innately is all around us. We
touch it and see it daily without thinking twice about what it is for the most part. Those
that it intrigues are the ones who would benefit from attending DEBUT. These students
have dedicated themselves to thoroughly studying the art form and business sides of the
industry in a rigorous learning environment. The dynamics of this event draws the
attention of production and entertainment companies. This elevated support system has
led to many alumni’s success in the costume design industry as well.
Your network is your net worth. FIDM is recognized on a world wide level and known
for its opportunities offered to fashion students. Every year faculty and staff watch
students assemble for this presentation. Fashionista’s and trendsetters can get an industry
inside looks by attending the annual show, gaining encouragement and experience.
FIDM is a private accredited college where about a third of those who apply get in, the connections made here are worth the effort. Nike and Zara are a couple of the large companies highly affiliated with this institution. Being enrolled here alone is a foot in the door.

Sasha Swedlund, artist and designer
Sasha Swedlund, artist and designer.
Photo by Priscilla @thealamophotography @prettypleasepriscilla

The location of the college, which was founded in 1969, allows for students to see first
hand an environment where they can excel and gain fundamental understandings of all
parts of the fashion industry. The downtown Los Angeles area offers social settings where
business and entertainment groups consistently are working day and night thus
facilitating and drawing in professionals from the surrounding area. Fashion and denim
are seemingly a global attraction in Los Angeles. The inspiration these students are given
because of the environment enables them to become well versed and quick strategic
thinkers that is much needed in the fashion world. Local production companies are
definitely noticing and offering life long careers
. California is known for its laid back
beach style and with projects like this it offers the development of fresh melting pot

Designs by: Susan Lizotte, Esther Gaor, Yubin Min, and Sasha Swedlund
Photo by Priscilla @thealamophotography @prettypleasepriscilla

FIDM offers a program called The Business of Denim where students are given the
ability to travel the world in search of developing answers to green initiatives for the
recycling of denim. Asia is a main source of worldly production in manufacturing and
their students will gain a full understanding of global trade when going overseas on tour.
This program is essential to an industry who demanded this information to be a main
course. History of denim , manufacturing , social aspects, environmental control and
textile research are some of the main pillars associated with this program. The revenue
brought in globally in denim alone is expected to exceed the 60 Billion dollar mark by 2023.

Los Angeles manufacturers produce 90% of premium denim manufacturing in the USA.

Photo by Priscilla @thealamophotography @prettypleasepriscilla
Designs by: Shayley Madison, Ally Dechant, Sajelle Avery, Pablo Alvarez, and Andrada Negrut
Photo by Priscilla @thealamophotography @prettypleasepriscilla

FIDM is a coalition of like minds that also carries on with the plan of correcting
errors that we have made in the past, this being in reference to the continuation of
cleaning up the manufacturing pollution through an up to date education.

Current developments and research in eco-conscious manufacturing continues to be a topic of interest here.

California is one of the style leaders in the world having a heavy influence
on its population and an example for a variety of other people such as tourists, business
professionals, creatives and entertainment industries. Reinventing looks with an education
system like this is vital for its students to thrive off of what they see daily. Developing the
new approach to the future of fashion is the undertone of Debut and you’re invited to take
note. Who’s up to bat for next year’s runway project. We are here to make a difference
through studies and research alongside the fabric of our lives.

Photo by Priscilla @thealamophotography @prettypleasepriscilla
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